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Six golden rules of resume writing. Contact information (address, telephone, email). City of residence. It is also advisable to indicate the age if it speaks in your favor (despite the legislative prohibition of discrimination by sex, age, etc., many Eychary are wary of “age” candidates For personal data can be attributed and photos. Post a strict color photo to your resume. This is especially important for posts where appearance plays a significant role: director, office manager, sales assistant, promoter. The name of the position for which you are applying (the same as stated by the employer). If you are interested in several vacancies, you need to write a separate resume for each of them. You can specify the desired minimum wage, and be sure to mention that this is the starting salary.

List in reverse chronological order (last place at the beginning of the list) all places of work. Indicate the period of work, the name of the company, the scope of its activities, the position held, the terms of reference and, if applicable, achievements If the work experience is too large, limit yourself to 3-4 last jobs or describe the most significant experience. When describing achievements, use action verbs such as: developed, enlarged, saved or reduced. The use of numbers and percentages stands out in the summary. For example, it increased sales by 25%, fulfilled a sales plan of 300,000 rubles. The more time has passed since graduation, the less space this item should occupy in the resume. First of all, indicate the education that allows you to apply for the specified position. Information about additional education (courses, trainings) is relevant only if they are associated with a vacancy.

This block summarizes all that you have learned during your work or studies at a university. Separately indicate the degree of proficiency in computer and foreign languages, while it is important to specify: instead of “I own a computer” write what programs you own. Also with languages make it clear that it is you who can speak fluently, read technical literature, or conduct business correspondence. Less flattering self-evaluations: “extensive experience”, “ability to work in a team”. It is desirable that the manager himself made the necessary conclusions from the summary. When describing skills in particular and writing a resume in general, use the mirror method: view the vacancy announcement and apply the same keywords in your resume as the employer in the job description.

This column mentions the possibility of moving to another city, readiness for business trips or overtime work. If appropriate, they write about the presence of a driver’s license, the possibility to use a private car for official purposes, a passport, marital status and hobbies. You can include in this section a brief description of your personal qualities, for example: sociable, responsible, initiative, etc. Here you can also indicate the possibility of providing recommendations.