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To achieve such a result, it makes sense to carefully read the job description and, in the light of the information received, edit the version of the resume that you plan to send to a potential employer accordingly. This work, of course, takes time and effort, but significantly increases the chances that the invitation to the interview will go to you. For candidates with solid experience, the problem often becomes the desire to reflect it in its entirety. However, this is not necessary. It is quite enough for an employer to see what you have been doing in the past five years, or, say, in the last three or four places of work. If your experience is 10 years or more, a detailed description of each job only accelerates the volume of the resume, which should not exceed two pages.

After all, a recruiter spends less than one minute on his initial review, and during that time he decides which candidates to work with further. But too much volume significantly increases the likelihood that such a resume will immediately go to the basket. From this it follows that the summary is not a genre where there is room for various creative finds. Even if you are applying, say, for the position of a designer or artist, it is better to save your profile delights for the portfolio. Various artistic delights in the resume only distract the recruiter’s attention and cannot cause anything but irritation. But this does not mean that for the summary should use a solid text with a font of one point. On the contrary, it will be very inconvenient to read such a document.

You can immediately say that it is not necessary to do this if the presence of a photo in the resume is not specified in the job description. Indeed, in most cases, the employer is more important than the other: your work experience, existing skills, business and personal qualities, level of education, but not appearance. What matters is not so much how you look, how much you work. In addition, the presence of a presentable appearance is more concerned with the requirements for clothing and is assessed, as well as the behavior patterns already at the interview, to which not every applicant who has sent a resume for a particular vacancy will fall. So recruiters are usually loyal to the fact that in the sent resume there is no photo, and more often they simply do not pay attention to it.

 Appearance, of course, plays an important role in the selection of personnel for the position of secretary, driver, personal assistant, receptionist and others, where the employee is entrusted with the function of the company face. But even in such cases, skills and experience are of key importance, and appearance becomes a plus only with other things being equal. As for models and actors, it’s not even necessary to include a photo in the resume, because each of them usually has a portfolio, a link to which can be given in a letter with a response to a vacancy.