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Personal data The purpose of this block is to not only leave your candidacy in memory, but also accurately point out their contacts, to determine the method for instant communication. An example is how to write a resume. We write actual and concrete: Surname, name, patronymic (in full); Address of place of residence. It is very important that it be actual. If there is only a temporary one, then it is important to specify which term, and where it will be possible to find you later. The organization in which you send your resume can simply without clarification and phone calls, use the postal tool and send you an appointment announcement, therefore, the address must be accurate;

Phone number. If you specify your own number, be sure to write which one is home and which mobile, so that it is convenient for the specialist to navigate in time and decide which one is best to dial. In this case, if there is a restriction in the time space, for example, you personally, calls are more convenient to take in the evening hours, please correctly inform about this in the resume; An email address that is active at any time. If there is any other communication channel, it may be a fax or an ICQ, you must specify this; Date of birth Describing your personal details can tell you about your age, family status, your citizenship or your health status. However, such information is not obligatory and gives preference only when it is unique. Managing, in this way, a favorable impression, work hard to find exactly the emphasis that can hold your attention on you. And, one should clearly understand that the more convenient and faster the opportunity to contact you, the more chances you leave yourself and less of them give your competitors on the issue of employment.

2. The purpose of the search In this block it is important to correctly indicate not only the name of your desired position, but also specify the level of wages. Moreover, if you are planning to take part in finding a few vacancies, it is best to create a separate resume for each of them and send it to the HR department. But, do not write the name of the posts at all impossible. Any of the staff members of the organization will never guess your plans and will prioritize the selection of those candidates who undoubtedly understand and designate their goals. By the desired level of pay, everything is much simpler. In order to correctly determine and not overvalue the figure, it is enough to simply track such vacancies on the Internet and select its average value. It must be understood that if your needs do not correspond to modern realities, and the head of the budget of his organization does not consider it expedient to allocate the necessary amount, then in your resume there will be no sense at all.

But if you understand that you have vast experience and are able to be much more interesting than other candidates, you may have been present at foreign internships or attended training and leadership skills, and the organization where the vacancy is open is of a large scale, then in your best interests. to exceed the average payment level by about 30%. But this amount, in any case, must be substantiated. 3. Education In this block, the data confirming your level and degree of education are indicated. Moreover, they first write the main one, including the years of study, qualification or specialty, and the educational institution in which it was received. And then they make links to additional courses, trainings and seminars. If there were several educational places in your life course, then the higher is indicated first, then the secondary special education, and then the additional one. You do not need to specify just abbreviations, hoping that the institution is known. It will, on the contrary, play against you. Nobody will waste their time in search of PSTU or CSMA, the information about it should be as open as possible and convenient for use.