Today it is possible to call the electronic version more popular. After all, the main channel for finding information about vacancies is the Internet, through which the primary and often subsequent interaction of employers with applicants occurs. Yes, and resume sending is usually made by e-mail, through social networks, instant messengers and other channels of online communication. The requirement to send a resume by fax, which was encountered in vacancy announcements in the 90s of the last century, had time to become the property of history, and sending it by Post of Russia in the 90s also did not make sense. However, this does not mean that it is time to forget about the existence of the paper version of the resume. In some cases, it may be claimed and she.

Case of life. In a large company, an interview was held between the candidate and the personnel specialist and the immediate head of the department where the vacancy was opened. The personnel specialist was a little late, and the manager asked the candidate if he had a resume with him to refresh his memory while the wait lasted. The candidate had a printed version with her, and this subsequently became one of his advantages against the background of other applicants.

The specificity of modern communication, in which electronic channels of interaction have acquired enormous importance not only for the availability of a paper and electronic version of the resume, but several options for e-mail. But in addition to all this, it will not be superfluous to always have a folder with several copies of the paper version of the resume. It is difficult to predict when and to whom it can be useful and what bonuses for you to turn around.

However, for the first resume any existing experience will fit, whether it be manufacturing or pre-diploma practice, internship, volunteering, etc. It will not be superfluous to reflect your achievements in oneway or another connected with studies and the chosenspecialty: participation in scientific and practical conferences, various trainings or courses, victories at intercollegiate and even inter-school subject olympiads, etc. But here the main condition is everything. what you write should somehow come into contact with the vacancy you are interested in. So, the red diploma of a music college will have weight only if you are looking for a music teacher’s job, and a sports class is a coach or a physical education teacher. Finally, your case is the one when the format of a functional resume comes to the rescue, where the focus is on skills and achievements, and work experience is mentioned in passing.